Kroudfunding Corp
April 2018
Software Design

CrowdSource Funded is a crowdsourcing platform for businesses looking to raise investment capital. It operates very similarly to Kickstarter and GoFundMe but is geared toward businesses and investors interested in participating in seed and/or early round investments.

I inherited this project from the original development team just as they were completing its implementation. The system was built as a Ruby on Rails application, using standard Rails views for its front-end. The deployment environment for the application was hosted in AWS, with a Capistrano script configured to perform the deployment steps. Overall the application followed a standard Rails design and used tools/technologies that I was intimately familiar with, making it extremely easy for me to fall right into step with.

As is often the case, the client began working with the system and identified a short list of additional enhancements that would significantly improve the usability and value of the application. This list included, workflow changes to streamline the front-end user experience and an administrative interface for various common support tasks. At the client's request, I reviewed these enhancements and provided a proposal for the approach I would recommend for addressing each of these items, as well as a few additional opportunities for improvement that I noticed during my review.

We selected a subset of these items to tackle and I proceeded with their implementation, validation, and deployment, completing all within the alloted estimate range and keeping the client informed of my progress along the way. Once these items were completed, the client was ready to field the application and begin a marketing push to attract businesses and potential investors.

Since it's initial launch this system has required very little oversight or maintenance. I remain involved from time to time as issues arise or small adjustments are needed, but in general it has been fairly self-sustaining.