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Hello! I’m Harrison

Software Developer, System Designer, Tech Leadership Advisor

Building software has been my greatest passion since I first discovered it as a young student. I stumbled into it head-first as a middle schooler and have never turned back. I've had the opportunity to study at some great institutions, to work under a number of great mentors, and to help build a variety of great products. For more information on my professional background, feel free to check out my LinkedIn profile.

With experience working across development, design, and management roles, I launched a freelance software consulting business, working with clients across the product development lifecycle. I specialize in backend system development and design with deep expertise in Ruby and JavaScript tech stacks.

my services

Specializing in web application development, with full stack experience but a focus on backend system design and development. Deep expertise in Ruby and JavaScript tech stacks, with devops experience across multiple IaaS/PaaS providers.

Software Development

Work across a wide range of languages and technologies, including Ruby, JavaScript, SQL, AWS, Java, WordPress, and PHP.

Application Design

Evaluate technical tradeoffs in a system's design and produce a recommended approach across technologies and industries.


Set up and support the entire tech stack, with comfort working across IaaS/PaaS providers, including AWS, Heroku, and others.

Tech Strategy

Deliver insight into key tradeoffs and considerations to be mindful of when crafting a technical strategy for web applications.

Project Management

Identify and roll out development and management processes that works best for a specific team, project, and organization.


Evaluate candidates for a variety of technical roles, evaluating development, design, management, and leadership abilities.

my portfolio

As a freelance consultant, I've worked with a number of clients across industries, in a variety of roles, and on projects of all shapes and sizes. Below are some of the organizations I've had the privilege of working with. Click on each to learn more about what the projects entailed.