Lawyer Exchange
July 2017
May 2020
Software Design
Tech Strategy

Lawyer Exchange is a freelancing platform designed for lawyers. It follows a similar model to Upwork but directly addresses the unique concerns and challenges faced in the legal industry. I was brought in as a technical advisor early on in the project while it was still just an idea and the team was evaluating various approaches for developing the system. I assisted the founder in navigate through these crucial early decision for the business, including considering hiring an in-house engineering team vs using an outsourced consulting company, evaluating the architecture and tech stack for the platform, and developing and prioritizing the product roadmap.

I've continued to advise the team through a variety of circumstances over the past few years, offering guidance, feedback, and introductions where appropriate. I've been able to share my experience from working in a variety of startups and help the team navigate along the bumpy path toward success. Starting from nothing, we developed the platform, generated initial interest, and are now building partnerships with complementary businesses to scale up the community of user. It's been an exciting ride to be involved in, with end in sight at this point.