Pulse Platform
January 2017
August 2018
Project Management
Software Design
Tech Strategy

Pulse Platform is a healthcare recovery management platform designed for use with orthopedic surgery patients. I was asked to step in as an advisor as the team was working to transition from an MVP version of their product to a first-class implementation. I provided guidance and feedback as the team worked through decisions relating to how they would navigate the logistics for this rebuild, the technical architecture of the new version of the platform, and the staffing model to use within the team to align their technical needs with the current state of the business. In this capacity I provided technical design feedback and helped recruit and interview their first lead engineer, who would later become the CTO for the organization.

I remained involved on an as needed basis as the platform and the business continued to grow. I served as a sounding board for the CEO and CTO at critical junctures throughout this journey. As the company achieved greater milestones reflecting their success, they attracted interest from potential acquirers, such as Rally Health. As these acquisition talks developed, I became more regularly involved, assisting in the preparations for and execution of the technical diligence process. The synergy between these two organizations and their products became more and more apparent as we progressed through these discussions. Eventually the deal was finalized and the Pulse Platform team officially joined Rally Health.